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We know many of you would like to attend to support Jim Gottstein

but because of geography, time, etc., are unable to.


If you cannot attend,

please use the comment box below to share your support for Jim 

as he goes up against the multi-billion dollar bully, Eli Lilly.


If you will attend, please also comment below.

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Looking forward to seeing you!

In Solidarity,


In remembrance of Esmin Green
who was murdered-by-neglect
at the Kings County Hospital CenterPsychiatric Emergency Room, June 19, 2008.

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Eva Dech

We fully support you Jim!! Thank you for all you have done!!


Please everyone come out in solidarity. And please attend the very exciting presentation about PsychRights Medicaid Fraud Initiatve Agaist the Psychiatric Druging of Youth and Children. Look forward to seeing you all there.

*Please use the comment box to let us know you are attending and of course send a message of support even if you can't make it .

Peace and Love,
Eva Dech


Lauren Tenney


You have my full support!

The (p)Harmaceutical industry needs to be exposed for what it is.  Big (p)Harma.

I'm looking forward to Jim's presentation at Community Access from 4-8 on PsychRights Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children and Youth.

Please, everyone, sign on your support, near and far and spread the word!

Let's Be Heard,
Lauren Tenney


Marian Merlino

Plan to attend.  Will make both events. 

Will take bus in. 

Nothing more important than taking care of our children. 

If we don't do it, who will?


Carlos Sabater

 In Solidarity!


Leah Harris

Thank you Jim, for being a champion for the truth and for rights.

You are truly a hero to our movement

and I thank you for your courage and the great personal sacrifices you have made

to expose Medicaid fraud and end the psychiatric abuse of children.


Dorothy Dundas

Jim Gottstein is an honorable and dedicated advocate

who is committed to defending those who have been hurt or killed

by the deceptive practices of Eli Lilly.

I stand in wholehearted support of Jim.

This case against him is an outrage of big pharma

against one man defending the TRUTH.


Lester Cook

I will be there..

let's hold them accountable....

They deserved to e drugged

and get the same problems our sisters and brothers suffer with now!!!


Virginia Ferrigno

Thank God for people like you

I wish there were much more of you.

All my support to you for making changes For a better place.

And helping mankind we need you.


Felice Debra Eliscu

 Thank You Jim for all you do.
I will be with you in spirit!


Sara Goodman

I am planning to attend the Community Access event. 

I want to shake the hand of the man who is big enough to take on the pharmas

and personally thank him on behalf of the many who cannot do so in person.

Thank you for stepping up, Jim!  


Jasna Russo

Thank you, Jim for the important work you are doing for all of us.

Sending all my support and solidarity across the ocean and wishing success,



Sue Clark-Wittenberg

Eli Lily is notorious for being a big bully and making tons of money on the backs of people taking their toxic drugs.

Jim Gottstein will win because the truth shall prevail.

Jim  Gottstein has integrity and tells it the way it is.

Shame on the Eli Lily company for taking Gottstein to court for no good reason.

Jim Gottstein did nothing wrong.



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